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Young Agent Blog

  • ​I often ask other professionals how they found their way to our incredible industry and I absolutely love hearing all the different paths people have taken. I feel that this is perhaps one of the most amazing things about insurance and the careers that surround it. For some, it is a family legacy and for others a new beginning. For me is was completely by surprise. I have always been a part of the sales and service field in some shape or form. I ...

Our Mission

Michigan’s Young Agents Committee exists to:

  • Connect and nurture relationships within all walks of the industry – agents, companies, vendors and students
  • Provide the latest professional development, sales and team building experiences
  • Enlighten agents on the importance of advocacy and legislative involvement to protect the interests of our clients and businesses
  • Inspire agents to make volunteerism, charity and community involvement an integral part of their professional identity
  • Promote the independent agency system as a boundless career choice for young people
  • Provide support and financial assistance to students in insurance programs and new agents seeking professional designations
Empowerment Plan

This Year's YA Charity

This year, Michigan Young Agents (YA) have chosen Empowerment Plan's Coat initiative for the homeless as their charity. The innovative and weather-resistant EMPWR coat's - created by women who have recently moved from the streets themselves - can transform into a sleeping bag or be worn as an over-the-shoulder bag. A donation of $125 covers the cost of labor, materials, and overhead expenses.

This year, the Young Agents are challenging every office to come up with a way to raise $125 between now and June 1, 2021. Watch for details to find out how you can help YA achieve their goal!