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Introduction to Michigan Young Agent : Naomi Heil

By Naomi Heil posted Dec 01, 2020 07:24 PM


Hello everyone,

My name is Naomi from Bridge Insurance Group out of Mackinaw City and I am taking over social media for the month of December. I am going to take this time to share a little bit about myself and my experience with the Young Agents.

I am fairly new in the insurance industry and this is my first year as part of the Young Agents Committee. I was born in Paraguay, raised in Lima Peru and I now live in the Upper Peninsula of MI. I went to the University of Lima where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. While I was a student, I participated in an exchange program called “Work & Travel” and flew to WA where I met my husband. We both worked for a Boyne Resort for over 10 years until we decided to move to the Les Cheneaux Islands in his home state to call it “home”.

In need of a job, somewhere, somehow, I applied to work at Bridge Insurance Group, a small agency that specializes in trucking and commercial insurance. I had ZERO experience in the field but, the owner Jill Rogala, is an expert and a great motivated teacher. Thanks to her encouragement and support to attend as many classes and events that would provide me with the education I needed to become an insurance agent, I ended up attending a “YA” Conference.

Very nervous, as I was attending it by myself and knew no one else there, I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE! I quickly met a bunch of other agents like me and was stunned by all the hard work the YA team did. It gave me a HUGE motivation that I was working in a great industry - who would think insurance can be much fun?!. I did not yet have my Producer license at that time, I was still studying to take my test. But after all the encouragement I got at the conference, I took and passed my Online test and scheduled my in-person test at the hotel before the conference ended – I now wanted to do insurance!

I am now the Operations & Account Manager at our agency. I do a little bit of everything - and a lot of Insurance. Every day is a new day and I very much enjoy working with our team and now, with the Young Agents Committee. Every person I have met through this job has been nice, supportive, and knowledgeable. I am very grateful for all the opportunities this job has given me and look forward to the future!

Naomi Heil :)
Bridge Insurance Group