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YAC RE-introduction

By Heather Belanger posted Jun 14, 2022 11:05 AM


Hey again everyone! My name is Heather Belanger and I am the Vice Chair of the Young Agent’s Committee, serving my 3rd year as a YAC member. In my spare time – ha! I am the Operations Manger/Commercial Lines Account Manager at TCA Insurance on beautiful Tawas Bay, where I have worked for the last 18 years.

My favorite job title, however, is Mom. I have two crazy kiddos, Alex – who is 12 and just finished 7th grade, and Grace- who is 8 and just finished 2nd grade. I play Sports Mom to Alex, who plays hockey, soccer, and football as well as Gracie, who enjoys soccer, ballet, and gymnastics.

Like many of us in the industry, I found my home here accidentally when I started filing, shredding papers, and opening mail when I was in high school 18 years ago (I know, I am aging myself). Since then, I have done almost every job in the agency and I have always loved how every day is different, no matter what you are doing. When COVID hit, I decided to go back to college and recently completed my Bachelors of Business Administration at Northwood University. 

The other part of our industry that I enjoy the most is the opportunity to help people and work with so many people in my community. This has given me many opportunities to volunteer and get involved in our little town, including becoming a member of Quota of Iosco County, sitting on the board for our hockey & skating association, and volunteering my time with the PTO at school. This industry keeps you connected and (for some) forces us out of our shell. From clients, to fellow agents, to company relationships, you will find some of the best people in our world and it is easy to get roped in and feel at home.