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Young Agent Introduction - Dan Conner

By Dan Conner posted Nov 04, 2021 04:44 PM


Happy November! Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already…

I’m Dan Conner from Conner Insurance Group. Our office is located in Walled Lake, and I live a short drive away in Waterford with my wife Lauren. I’ve served on the Young Agents Committee for just over two years now.

I started my career in insurance back in 2011. As of this year, It's neat to be able to say that my journey into insurance officially started a decade ago. There’s a couple of gaps in that span, but I've been back at the agency since 2015. I currently work as a commercial lines producer and being a member of the second generation in our family business, I’ve had the opportunity to wear several hats over our 27 years in business. You could say my official start at the agency was shredding files in the pre-paperless days over summer break for extra money. 

I ended up at my first YAC Conference in Lansing after an ambassador from one of our carriers explained how it was a great opportunity to connect with other young insurance professionals. After having a great time and meeting a ton of terrific people, I’d say attending that event was one of the top three investments of time I’ve made in my career so far and led to joining the committee. The biggest benefit personally has been the friendships, and the relationships with carriers/vendors that wouldn’t have materialized without being at YAC events and ultimately being involved on the committee.

When I’m not in the office or talking about insurance at home with my Wife who’s also an agent at Conner Insurance Group, I can usually be found on a golf course, in the woods or on a lake chasing fish. 

Hope to see you at all the upcoming events the Young Agents are hosting, and please consider joining us at the 2022 Young Agents Conference!